Smoking Worsens Rosacea: Know Some Alarming Facts Before It Is Too Late

click hereRosacea is not a very common skin condition. Although more than 14 million Americans suffer from this skin complication, the worldwide statistics does not make it as common as acne. Characterized by visible blood vessels, redness, pimples ad bumps, rosacea is an embarrassing skin condition. While the main cause of this condition is still not clear, there are many treatment plans that have been created, which ranges from natural methods to surgery. However, traditional methods often come with some unpleasant after effects like stomach problems, irritation and depression. Because of these reasons, people often choose natural treatments that will help in dealing with the signs and symptoms of this condition in a better way.

There are some rosacea triggers, and smoking is just one of them. Smokers who have been struggling with this skin condition should understand that smoking can worsen rosacea. In fact, it can make the condition more painful and difficult.

Rosacea Facts – Few Things you didn’t know

As with other concerns related to smoking, it is very easy to assume that your skin complication will be affected by the same. However, there is a little difference that has been identified – despite the underlying cause of the condition, smoking definitely makes it worse.

While there are some known problems related to rosacea and smoking, studies have proven that in some cases rosacea have improved with cigarette smoking.

That’s true!

There have been number of reports in the recent times that have showed remarkable improvement in rosacea sufferers because they smoke. The reason for such a solution is simple – cigarette smoke has anti-inflammatory qualities, which has a beneficial impact on this skin condition.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

However, that does not mean it is beneficial for the smoker. Going by rationale and health concerns, the negative effects of smoking outweigh rosacea benefits. So, smoking should not be suggested as an alternative to treat rosacea.

click hereWhat is the Impact of Smoking and Rosacea?

It is a known fact that smoking depletes vitamin C of the skin, which is an essential element for creating collagen. It further accelerates the cross lining of collagen hardens elastic, thus having a worse effect. Both these factors play a crucial role in rosacea.

In addition, inhaling the smoke, even if it is a second hand smoke, is known to increase the presence of free radicals in the skin, in astounding amounts. Free radicals are known for causing skin damage, which gradually breaks down and destroys the overall capillary structure of our body. This decreases oxygen flow to the skin surface.

Finally, smoking also interferes with the vascular system of the body.

Therefore, even though smoking can help in changing the effects of rosacea, it has too many negative impacts to consider.

Natural Ingredients that makes an Excellent Anti-Wrinkles Cream

Some people are just born lucky to have smooth, fresh and young looking skin. They may have to do nothing to keep their skin healthy. On the contrary, there are many more people who have to work hard to maintain their skin. Regardless of these factors, our skin ages as we age, and there’s very little one can do about it.

Practicing healthy lifestyle and good way of living is one of the best ways of reducing the signs of aging or preventing their appearance. This means, you have to eat balanced meals comprising of vegetables and fruits, followed by hydration and exercise. Therefore, it is very important to avoid junk foods and bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol.

However, there comes a time in life when you will need an anti-wrinkle cream to protect your skin. It is one of the greatest dilemmas you may have to face. People normally choose anti-wrinkle creams and solutions depending on the price – the greater the price, the better quality. It is a myth! The decision, rather, should be taken on the basis f ingredients included in the cream.

Phytessence Wakame

Phytessence Wakame is sea kelp, found in Japan. It is one of the few ingredients known to have amazing skin benefits; it makes the skin look fresh and youthful, helps in removing fine and wrinkles, and eliminates age spots and blotches. It contains 15 times more calcium too, as compared to milk and other potent sources. In addition, this ingredient also contains essential minerals and vitamins, along with sulfated polyfucose that protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays. It is an effective antioxidant too, that moisturizes irritated skin. It improves skin elasticity and increases the production of collagen and elastin too.

 learn more Shea Butter

Shea butter is known for its natural properties that promote collagen production. Thus, it aids in lessening and removing wrinkles, fine lines, sun burns, age spots, and other types of skin blemishes. Shea butter is also efficient in treating different skin diseases.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, also called CoQ10 is another vital ingredient present in effective natural products for treating wrinkles. It can gobble up free radicals and reverse the process of aging. It is very smooth on the skin.

The only secret to choose the best and most effective anti wrinkle or anti aging cream is do a thorough research to learn more about the product. As there are too many products to buy, you must research the active ingredients and drive necessary information related to the product.

Natural Acids For Treating Stretch Marks Effectively

Women are frustrated with the sight of stretch marks appearing on their stomach and other body parts. Men also develop stretch marks on their thighs, arms and belly. It is quite common in men and women who are fat. Quick weight reduction also leaved behind such nasty marks that can be very stubborn. Among all the treatment options for stretch marks, natural treatments have been the most trusted choice.

best stretch mark cream 

Natural Acids – How does it work?

Acids are not really pleasant, but when the natural ones are used on blemishes and stubborn marks, it can give excellent result. Acids work by breaking down skin tissues and lightening the skin gradually. You can find innumerable products containing acids in the form of liquid or peels. However, you can also make your acid treatment that will be 100% natural and have no side effects. At very little cost, you can create a wonderful treatment at home.

The Secret Ingredient

The natural ingredient that has acidic properties is lemon juice. It is one of the greatest bleaching aids that can treat redness and freckles appearing in and around the eyes. However, because it is acidic in nature, it should be used in moderation. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the acid is not used in excess as it may lead to skin burning.

How to apply?

Lemon juice can be applied directly to the stretch marks. It has to be rubbed properly to ensure that it dries completely. It should be used twice daily, and within a few weeks you will see great results. Lemon juice will work by breaking down the stretch marks, making them less visible. Regardless of the affected spot, you can apply this natural acid on any part of the body.

Another excellent way to use lemon juice is to blend it with aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, shea butter or almond oil. Once blended, it should be in circular motion all over the stretch marks until it blends. This combination will renew the skin and encourage growth of new skin.

best stretch mark cream 

Does it really work?

Yes, it does! People who have used lemon juice on stretch marks swear by its benefits. It can also make the skin tighter and smoother in no time. As a matter of fact, because it gives so quick results, people feel that it may not give long-lasting results. But, once treated and your marks are gone, it will never reappear.

You simply cannot go wrong in applying lemon juice to your skin, make it a part of your beauty regime to enjoy its bleaching and skin healing properties.

Herbs That Promote Female Libido: Know The Facts Right

 libido enhancers It is not only age, but many other things that affect a woman’s libido. With age and increasing psychological stress, there is a high chance that a woman’s libido will sink day by day. In fact, there are many women suffering from lack of sex drive or decreases libido, and looking for alternatives to get it back. Increasing the libido factor can be very simple by adding an effective her to the diet. With selective herbs, it is definitely possible to increase testosterone levels, reduce anxiety and stress, improve blood circulation, and control the nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a chemical required for blood flow to the female sex organs.

Making some changes in food habits and including libido boosting ingredients and herbs can actually help women.

Herbs that Help

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is very effective in promoting libido in females as it products some hormonal effects quite similar to that of estrogen. This can benefit women having low libido by increasing testosterone levels. Furthermore, the herb also stimulated immune system, which results in an increased stamina.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai, better known as Chinese angelica, is a common herb used for increasing female libido. It is also called “female ginseng” because it has properties to treat various feminine problems like hot flashes, menstrual cramps, abnormal menstruation and uterine bleeding. It is now available in the form of capsule, tablet or tincture.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is one of the safest herbs that help in increasing female libido. Libido is highly affected by poor blood circulation to sex organs. Due to sluggish blood circulation, female libido may drop significantly. Gingko Biloba is commonly known for improving blood circulation and glow of oxygen in our body. It improves mood, enhances concentration, reduces stress and tension, and acts as an energy booster to. All these things work together to improve libido.

 libido enhancers 

Libido Boosting Foods

There are certain foods that can boost libido in women too. For instance, raw oysters are excellent. If you can have them, nothing like it! Oysters contain high levels of zinc, which raises testosterone levels and increases sex drive.

Avocado should be added to your diet for an increased level of folic acid. It also contains potassium and vitamin B6 in abundance. It plays an important role in increasing female libido. Furthermore, folic acid present in avocado helps in metabolizing proteins and regulated the thyroid gland in females, which increases sex drive.

Asparagus is a healthy ingredient that stimulated sex hormone production in female. It is good for males and females.

Best Foods And Diet Ideas For Breast Enhancement

There are over thousands of women interested in augmenting their breasts’ size without going through any expensive, painful or risky surgeries. Creams, breast pumps and different types of pills are available for augmentation. However, there are certain risk factors associated with the same – most of these augmentation procedures can damage the breast tissues, and sometimes the breast itself. Therefore, it is best to consider the natural alternatives, such as food ingredients and diet ideas that can help.

There are certain foods that promote the production of breast tissues. These usually range from foods to herbs that can be used as a part of your daily diet. Fortunately, many women have experienced real results.

breast enhancement cream Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is an herb that offers an amazing range of benefits. It promotes estrogen levels in women who have attained their menopause. It also benefits hair loss in both males and females. However, the reason why saw palmetto has become so popular is because of its breast enhancement properties. It can be consumed in raw form (it is found in the form of berry), or taken as supplement. As saw palmetto tastes bitter, the latter is more common.


Fennel is a common ingredient in Indian homes. Very few people know that it is also an estrogenic herb, which means it has high estrogen content. It is a few centuries old herb that has been given to women to promote production of milk. It can be consumed alone or as an assortment in sandwiches and salads.


It is one of the oldest and most effective medical herbs found in the Mediterranean regions. However, today fenugreek is widely available. It contains estrogen, in synthetic form, that helps in promoting growth and development of breast cells. It also enables water retention. It contains hormone precursors that stimulate production of breast milk for lactating women. It also increases the size of breast. Fenugreek is basically a seed, which can be added to tea or other beverages in powder form. Fenugreek supplements are also available these days, with seeds placed within capsules.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids. It has wide range of health benefits. It is rich in fiber too, which improves organ functions. Furthermore, it contains phytochemicals that helps in regulating female hormones. Flax seeds contain phytoestrogens that promotes growth of breast cell and production. It can be ingested in different forms – either whole or in the form of capsules. It is also used for cooking or baking, and fortifying foods.

How To Choose The Best Sunscreen For Rosacea

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When in the market in search of rosacea sunscreen, there are several important considerations you will need to make. Rosacea is a very stubborn skin condition that afflicts millions of people in America. Sadly, very few people know of its existence, hence many end up treating something totally different. It is a skin condition that causes inflammation and redness of the skin. For most people, the symptoms of this stubborn skin condition are triggered or worsened by extensive exposure to sunlight. Additionally, because the facial skin is very sensitive and highly prone to sun damage, rosacea can get worse if one does not have the right sun screen protection.

The first important consideration to make is on your skin condition. Be sure to know how vulnerable your skin is to the sun based on previous rosacea outbreaks. If your skin is so sensitive to the sun that it always breaks and get red upon exposure to sunlight, then you might want to consider a powerful and strong sunscreen.

The second consideration is on the sunscreen ingredients. It is important to note that some ingredients found in sunscreens can actually aggravate rosacea, since people suffering from the condition tend to have very sensitive skins. You should choose a sunscreen that does not contain chemical sun protection and go for one that contains physical sunblocks such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Still on point, you should ensure it has a sun protection factor of at least 15. The amount of sun protection is very important since it tells how much protection you will be getting. As previously mentioned, people with very sensitive skin should go for high SPF.

Another important consideration to make is to determine whether you want a sunscreen that combines a moisturizer or foundation, or just a sun protector. If choosing one that incorporates a moisturizer with a sunblock formula, you might want to go for an unscented type since scents can irritate the skin.

You may wish to test a certain product by getting a sample or buying a tiny trial size before investing a large amount on a large quantity of a particular product. This way, you will avoid wasting time and subjecting your sensitive skin to harmful chemicals. Trial and error on the skin are best done with natural products to avoid subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals and toxins.

Rocasea is a very stubborn skin condition, but that does not mean there is no effective treatment out there, you might want to take your time to find that perfect treatment that will help control the condition and keep it mild. Click here to find out more about choosing the best sunscreen for rocasea.

What Makes The Best Female Libido Enhancers?

While men are the most affected when they are not able to rise to the occasion in the bedroom, it might surprise you to know that women too are affected by low libido issues. There are a myriad of causes for low libido problems in both men and women. Generally, though, stress is the major contributor, as well as having high expectations. When you are expecting so much from your partner, or your partner is expecting too much from you, you may end up under-performing, and the under-performance may soon culminate into a serious problem that needs medication.

 libido enhancers 

They say the best libido enhancers are in the mind, that a simple change of mind is all that is required to get things right. Even so, because it is a combination of so many parts of the body, it can mean that you will need an external boost to enhance your libido and make things right in the bedroom. No doubt you need to boost your libido sooner than later because low sex drive is a major contributor of relationship breakups in most families and marriages today.

So, what are the best libido enhancers? Are they pills, are they creams, are they lubricants? What are they? Well, generally, you should ensure you choose a product that contains all natural ingredients that will work on several key areas that contribute to low sex drive. Such ingredients include:-

Tribulus terrestris – an ingredient that boost testosterone levels in the female body

Hops extract – an ingredient that boosts the production of vaginal fluids that will lubricate your vaginal area, making sex less painful and enjoyable. Dryness is a major contributor of low sex drive in women since dryness makes intercourse very painful

There is also the ginko biloba ingredient that helps improve blood flow in the body and boost energy levels. Tiredness and general body fatigue is a major cause of libido loss in the body

 libido enhancers Last but not least, the best libido enhancers should contain horny goat weed, which equally increases blood flow to the vagina.

Before hitting the stores in search of a libido enhancer, the first and most important thing you should do is to establish the root cause of your problem. This way, you can be able to find a product that is customized to your needs. The good news is that there are so many products that are effective. Just ensure you get all natural ingredients in the products you choose, and also ensure they are from reputable manufacturers and you will have taken the first step to improving things in your bedroom.

The Most Active Ingredients Found In Wrinkle Creams

Well, there is no magic product that will get rid of wrinkles instantly and make them disappear overnight. However, some anti-wrinkle creams have been tried and proven very effective in concealing fine lines and wrinkles, and helping ensure the deep furrows and fine lines appear less visible or if they have not yet formed, helping ensure they take longer to form. Fine lines and deep furrows are an inevitable part of aging, but you do not have to content with premature aging signs just because they are inevitable.

The good news is that there are products that are quite effective. The secret lies in finding an anti-wrinkle cream with the right ingredient combination that will be effective on your skin. When it comes to buying ant-wrinkle creams, there is nothing as important as reading labels. Ensure you know exactly what you are buying so as to make an informed decision. Here are some of the most common ingredients you will find in most of the top rated anti-wrinkle creams.

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Vitamin A – generically referred to as tretinoin, and also marketed as retin-A, or retinol. This is a very popular ingredient in the most effective anti-wrinkle creams in the market. It is a natural ingredient meaning it is less invasive, hence is effective on just about anyone, even those with sensitive skin. Vitamin A is effective in promoting the production of effective collagen fibers, controlling free radicals, and reducing the appearance of age spots, which it does through effective cell exfoliation.

Coenzyme Q-10 – this is yet another active ingredient found in most anti-wrinkle products in the market today. Coenzyme Q10 is a very strong antioxidant present in the human body. Actually, each cell in the body contains this product, which is basically responsible for the production of energy. It also facilitates the recycling of antioxidants. Naturally, Coenzyme Q10 will diminish over time as one ages, hence the skin becomes more prone to harmful ultra violet rays as well as free radicals.

Hydroxy acids – you should also look at hydroxyl acids, specifically beta hydroxyl and alpha hydroxyl acids. These are basically synthetic acids that simulate those found in certain types of fruits and milk. They are very effective as exfoliants, and help accelerate the pace at which cells are replaced’ ultimately accelerating the pace at which you experience a young-looking, youthful appearance. This is a very popular ingredient in the most effective anti-wrinkle creams, since they accelerate the production of collagen and improve smoothness and hydration. Click here to learn more active ingredients found in the most effective anti-wrinkle products.

The Easier And Convenient Way To Larger Boobs – Breast Enhancement Cream

breast enhancement cream Breast enhancement creams are back, and with a very huge bang than ever before. Unlike the lotions and creams that first came into being back in the late 80s and 90s, today’s breast enhancement cream comes fully equipped to ensure you get the most out of each cream tube that you use, leaving your skin looking and feeling better. Unlike the previous products that used to smell like medicine, today’s products are well packaged and scented to see to it that you enjoy every bit of using the products, leaving your skin silky and soft.

First things first; the best enhancement cream is one that is all natural i.e. contains natural ingredients that will stimulate natural breast tissue growth. Some of the top rated products contain fennel, saw palmetto, wild yam, fenugreek, and such like herbs which are potent sources of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens work in the body just like estrogen to stimulate natural breast growth and make the breasts grow to their fullest potential.

The second thing that justifies the huge popularity of natural breast enhancement cream over pills is that they are very convenient and easy to use. unlike pills which you need to swallow at specific times of the day, and which when you forget might be detrimental to the ultimate results, the breast enhancement creams are used just like any other cream or day lotion. The beauty of the creams is the fact that they are topically applied, and will moisturize your skin every day of application. Once you get used to applying these creams, they will become part and parcel of your daily skin care routine.

Another bonus advantage of the creams is that when applying, you get an opportunity to do a physical self-examination on your breasts. Doctors generally recommend that you self-examine your breasts on a regular basis so as to check for any breast lumps that might put your health on the line. By applying these creams on a daily basis, you will be massaging your girls every day, checking on them and ensuring they are in tip top shape.

breast enhancement cream 

Probably the main reason why most ladies today prefer creams is their delivery mode. Most people report better and faster results with creams than any other form of breast enhancement. Some argue that the pills are diluted into the human digestive system and before they are redirected to where they belong, the results may take longer to show. With creams, however, the fact that they are applied directly means the results can be visible just as fast.

Important Considerations When Choosing The Best Stretch Mark Cream

best stretch mark cream With tons of stretch mark removal creams to choose from, it can be a very daunting task to select the one that will permanently get rid of these unsightly marks on the skin. While not life threatening, really, but stretch marks are a very ugly addition that most women will give up anything to get rid of it. So stubborn are these marks that some even choose to go for surgery just to get rid of these unsightly marks. The good news is that the best stretch mark cream is out there if you take the time to search.

Basically, the best treatment is prevention, meaning if you are susceptible to stretch marks, e.g. when you are pregnant or in a weight-loss mission, you might want to keep your skin lubricated all throughout. With the best stretch mark cream that contains effective natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and aloe vera, you can rest assured of keeping these ugly marks at bay. But what do you do if they have already appeared?

The first and most important consideration to make is on the list of ingredients present in a product you are considering. Basically, the best stretch mark cream is one that contains such things as shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and such like natural botanicals that are known to nourish the skin, soften, heal and moisturize it. Another active ingredient is retinyl palmitate, which improves the metabolic rate of the skin. Other ingredients are known to encourage the production of collagen plus other important components of a healthy human skin.

For most people, the best products are those containing only natural ingredients. As such, you might want to ensure you read labels before paying for any product that claims to be a “natural stretch mark removal cream”. This might be especially important if you are expectant because applying these products topically means they ought to be absorbed deeply into your skin. If you are not careful, they might get to your unborn baby and if the ingredients are harmful, you may end up doing more harm than good.

best stretch mark cream 

Regardless of the cream you are considering, ensure the product comes from a reputable and reliable company. This is the only guarantee you have of a superior quality product that offers you the perfect opportunity to reduce stretch marks. In addition to safety and efficacy, the ultimate consideration when choosing the best stretch mark cream is your personal tastes and preferences. Some creams may be highly priced than others, hence may not be practical on your part.